G Spot

The ‘Gräfenberg spot’ popularly known as the G-Spot according to Wikipedia, is an erogenous area in the vagina which offers strong sexual arousal and orgasms which could lead to ejaculation if stimulated. Typically, the G-spot is located about 2-4 inches up the vaginal opening.

In simple terms, the G-spot is an area of a woman’s vagina that is most sensitive and if stimulated correctly can be a means of sexual satisfaction. This is why the G-spot has become a place of paradise in womanhood. A partner capable of stimulating the G-Spot effectively is king or queen and one a lot of women dream of.

The sad truth is a lot of women haven’t found or explored the G-spot. As a partner, it is best not to beat yourself up if you have issues finding the pleasure spot of your partner. If she can’t guide you to where it is, she is still searching for it as well. According to British researchers, about 1500 women were asked if they had a G-spot, only 56 accepted they have felt it before. The G-spot is more of a myth for most women.

Since top German researcher, Grafenberg, made the discovery of the G-spot in the 1940s, the G-Spot, has become a hot topic all over the world. It has been a reason for medical debate as most medical practitioners do not believe the G-spot exists.

Finding the G-spot

The truth is, not all women get the G-spot stimulation. As it was said earlier, the G-spot is about 2 inches inside the vagina, on the top side of the wall of the vagina.

That being said, if your partner lies on her back and you put in your fingers, which are clean and nails trimmed to avoid accidents, with your palm facing the ceiling, the top side of the vagina, is most likely where the G-spot is. Curling your fingers in, gives the much needed stimulation.

While fingering, do not thrust rigorously as this will definitely turn her off.  Once she is comfortable with your finger inside her, softly curl the finger at the top of her vagina which feels rough. This is the G-spot!!!

Ensure you are open to listening to your partner. Finding her G-spot, doesn’t mean she will like you stroking it the way you do, some ladies do not enjoy you stroking it at all. You need to try different speeds and motions until you get one that gives her maximum pleasure.

Now that you have found the G-spot and she is loving how you make her feel, you can try some other moves. Make use of your free finger to gently press upon her belly, just below the belly button. This little pressure gives more stimulation.

If done correctly, finding the G-spot is a goldmine. Your partner would experience an orgasmic feeling beyond comprehension

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