Your Pleasure Journey’s My Gratification

Here’s to a better, self-loving you

Your Pleasure Journey's My Gratification

Here's to a better self-loving you

As a passionate Sexologist and Relationship Therapist with over 15 years’ experience, here’s something you should know – straight up. EVERYONE deserves to have a fulfilling relationship and sex life, E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E. Regardless of your background, gender, religion, sexual preference or favourite pizza topping, you’re entitled to it. I know you’re probably thinking “Heidi, you don’t know me, that’s easier said than done”, but trust me, I’ve been there (more on that further down below).

That no judgement, no discrimination belief applies to my relationship with you too. Whether we’re in my cosy office or chatting online via zoom, know that you’ll always be in a safe, confidential and respectful space.

Dealing with sensitive relationship and sexual issues can seem daunting and challenging. But guess what, it’s perfectly normal to be “imperfect”. Instead of ranting to your well-meaning best friend or nosy third aunt, seeking professional help is a step in the positive direction.

This one small step can lead to mighty change.

Never opting for the cookie-cutter route (boring), I’ll tailor a holistic, solution-focused approach with evidence-based strategies, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, to best suit your situation and needs. Together, we’ll work on managing your thoughts and behaviours to achieve your desired outcome. 

To you and your happiness, let’s go on this journey of discovery together.

Before we jump into the D&Ms, here’s a peek into my personal story

Look, I know. Like I said before, talking about personal problems can be incredibly hard. Let alone when you have to discuss and dissect it with a stranger. So, how about this – I’ll tell you a bit more about me and fingers crossed, you’ll feel more at ease.

Growing up in a bicultural family where sex was “wrong”, there was a lot of unspoken shame about it. My sex education was basically non-existent, to the point where we didn’t even talk about periods or how to buy a supportive bra (I know, right?!).

Over the years, I’ve experienced bad relationships, great and not-so-great sex, a miscarriage, painful periods and perhaps, hardest of all, prioritising my relationship with myself. I was constantly looking outwards, not inwards and struggling with self-love. It came to a point where I realised that for change to happen, I needed to step outside of my comfort zone, focus on what I wanted and needed and start doing the work.

Through my own journey of personal growth, heartbreaks and challenges, one thing stayed true. My calling to support others on their own adventures and pursuits of healthy relationships – with themselves, with others and with sex. So, in life’s weird, wonderful way, here I am. By the way, did you know that I’m also a qualified reiki master?

On my off days, you’ll find me indulging in a spot of music, theatre and art. I’m obsessed with travelling and absolutely adore eating Italian, Indian and Mexican food – Café Sydney is my favourite local restaurant! I practice what I preach, which means I enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Practicing meditation and mindfulness daily, I also pole dance to keep fit.

Before I sign off, let me leave you with this. A healthy mind boosts self-awareness, and a healthy body leads to a better sex life. Put your self-care first, don’t wait till New Year’s to make a resolution.

Are you ready to put yourself first?

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