Relationship Counselling & Couples Therapy

Supporting you in your pursuit of a healthy, connected relationship

Forget all the #couplegoals you see in your favourite rom coms and social media – truth bomb, relationships are never perfect. A continual journey of growth, healthy and fulfilling relationships are built on mutual commitment and reciprocal work. This fundamental understanding applies to all the relationships in your life, including romantic, family, friends and colleagues.

If you’re experiencing relationship difficulties and seeking support, there’s no shame in that – in fact, power to you! Realising that you may benefit from professional relationship counselling is the first step to helping you reach your desired outcome.

Through therapy, we’ll uncover your unresolved issues, and identify ways to better manage and/or reconcile differences that are straining your relationship.

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Here’re just some of the ways I’ve worked with other couples and individuals:

Want to date again but you can’t seem to let go of pain from a previous relationship? Therapy can help you work through the matters that you may be stuck on by identifying what is happening, what you can and can’t control and how to better manage these emotions. 
Relationship break ups are difficult and at times can leave you feeling lonely, confused, stuck and that your whole world has fallen apart. Therapy can help you work through the emotions and help you identify areas that you may need support with. 
Discovering an affair can feel like your whole world has fallen apart and saving the relationship can seem impossible. Recovering from an affair is a hard and an ongoing process for both partners in the relationship, but it is possible for a relationship to survive an affair. Understanding why an affair happened in the first place is important to moving on with your relationship. Affairs can happen in happy relationships as well as troubled ones and the motives of why affairs happen vary. Therapy can help rebuild and strengthen the relationship and assist in better management of differences and repeating patterns of stress upon the relationship.
Poor communication skills are one of the main contributors to conflict in relationships. It’s important how conflict is managed to help provide opportunities for growth and understanding.  Therapy can help build on trust, honesty, openness and mutual respect.

Whether you’re single, in a relationship or going through a break up, we’ll explore the dynamics of your current situation – you as an individual, you as a partner and the relationship in its entirety.

I’ll guide you towards achieving better communication and rebuilding your connection. As long as you’re willing and persevering, I’ll be right there in your corner.

My approach to relationship counselling and couples therapy

Tailored to your goals, my therapy sessions are designed to help you rediscover trust, reconnection and intimacy. While it’s always challenging to acknowledge and talk about your relationship issues, I offer a safe, confidential and respectful environment for you to be honest with yourself (and me).

Using a solution-focused approach combined with proven, evidence-based strategies (such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), we’ll delve into all the various ways you can manage your thoughts and behaviours. You may even have homework to complete between sessions, ensuring that you’re committed to the process.

Every relationship is wonderfully unique, which means there’s never a one-size-fits-all approach. Your counselling sessions will be intuitively personalised to your situation and goals.

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P.S. Learning to love yourself frees you to love others

The worst-kept secret about relationships – you need to embrace loving and respecting yourself first. Your self-worth and the relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship and interaction you’ll have in life.

Sure, I mightn’t have lived your past experiences or shared your unique journey, but the underlying truth remains. The more you invest in self-love and becoming a better you, the more you’ll attract what’s right for you. It sets a crystal-clear bar of what and who you’ll allow into your life.

Rather than default blaming the other person or focusing on their actions and behaviours, try to look at it from both perspectives. Maintaining raw, honest communication helps with expressing your needs but understanding your partner’s too.

We’re all on a journey of self-progress and at the end of the day, the only person you can truly “change” is yourself.

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