The Art of the Big O | Episode 20

Orgasms are the peak of sexual excitement. It is a powerful feeling of pleasure and erotic sensation. Some vulva owners have never experienced an orgasm and are distressed by this. There are many reasons why some folks have difficulties when it comes to orgasms which Christine and Heidi discuss in this episode. www.christinedelozier.com

Steps to Self Love | Episode 19

Heidi is Joined by Zach Beach who is an International Yoga teacher, best- selling author, poet and love coach. In this episode Zach & Heidi talk about self love, what is self love? why is self love important? benefits of self love and how you can practice self love. www.zachbeach.com 

How to Keep Relationship Energy Alive | Episode 17

Heidi is Joined by Zach Beach who is an International Yoga teacher, best-selling author, poet and love coach. This episode discusses new relationship energy, what we should expect when new relationship energy fades and how we can keep the energy alive through the entirety of our relationship. www.zachbeach.com

Sex and Physical Disability | Episode 15

Every BODY deserves pleasure, our bodies were designed to receive pleasure. Heidi talks with Isabella who is an Occupational Therapist (OT) and runs an online sex toy store called XES dedicated to providing premium, accessible products and resources for everyone, without exception. In this episode Heidi and Isabella discuss how OT’s support people with disabilities …

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Eating Pu$$y | Episode 13

In this episode , Heidi is joined by Alexandra Skoeld , a Sex Coach (www.soulintimacy.com.au) , to talk about oral sex for vulva owners. Heidi and Alexandra discuss some great tips when it comes to oral sex to help with pleasure.  

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