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I Just Had My Biggest ‘WTF’ Dating Moment….

As we’ve said on several previous occasions, the lockdown we’re all currently succumbing to is having a huge effect on relationships, both those already formed and those that have yet to flourish. Without the ability to head out on the town to try and pull, the single ones among us have resorted to spending more time on apps in the hope that we’re one swipe away from meeting Mr or Mrs Right.

Finding Love In Lockdown

The global pandemic has had a dramatic effect on relationships, and one that we won’t see again for a (hopefully) very long time. We’re talking about all relationships with that sentence too, as couples will now be finding themselves spending several hours more each day with their significant other, a situation which can occasionally lead to stress and arguments.

The Most Important Questions for the first 3 Dates Of Any Relationship

You’re single, and as the saying goes, ready to mingle. You’ve turned to app-based dating to find a prospective partner, got a few matches and set up drinks at the weekend. Saturday night comes around, you’re waiting at the bar and you suddenly think, “shit, what am I going to ask her?”. It’s not an …

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Female Orgasm

Orgasms are the greatest sexual experiences. Most women feel the greatest pleasure of orgasm through clitoral stimulation. The body goes through some changes that increase sensitivity or arousal which get your body ready for the big orgasm.

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