Squirting/Female Ejaculation

Some people with vulvas experience ejaculating which is the involuntary emission of fluid .   If you haven’t encountered female ejaculation, don’t feel bad about it or think your partner has not done enough, because it is normal as a few factors come to play such as physical make up , how relaxed you are, practice or weak pelvic floor muscles however you can figure out how to ejaculation by learning ways to stimulate your  Graffenburg spot (G-spot).


The female ejaculation can happen through stimulating the erotic zone known as the G-spot.  Studies indicate that the ejaculate comes from the para urethral gland ( also referred to as skene glands or female prostate) which is located on the anterior wall of the vagina around the lower end of the uretha.

To help locate the G-spot an ideal position is for your partner to enter-from-behind or you sit on-top (cow girl position might help), these positions offers the right friction, deep penetration, and the right stimulation for ejaculation. Sex toys can may also be assist and can be used with a partner or solo. There will need to be enough pressure on your G-spot when thrusting while the clitoris is being stimulated.


Female ejaculation is generally prostatic liquids combined with urine. Some women believe that the fluid they feel coming out during sex is actually urine. Research states that 70% of women stop in the middle of intercourse to use the bathroom because of this mentality and potentially may have stopped the ultimate ejaculation. An international survey confirmed that the female ejaculation is healthy for the body and nerves to relax properly also it enriches one’s sexual life. There is a lot of mystery behind female ejaculation with many different theories. More research is required in this area.

I spoke with 35 year old Penelope who shared her experience of ejaculating

How old were you when you first ejaculated? 

I was 27 years old

Did you have any knowledge of female ejaculation at the time?

Yes I did, Ive seen squirt porn before but thought it would never happen to me!

Are the images of women squirting in porn movies a true depiction of what its like?

Well, the women I’ve seen  in porn movies actually squirt like a hose whereas I kinda gush. There is still a lot of liquid but it doesn’t shoot out like in those movies. Any splatter is caused from penetration. The first time I squirted with my husband it splashed in his eye… he was quite shocked! But no it doesn’t come out like a hose! That would be funny!

What techniques does your partner use to help you ejaculate? 

The biggest thing is to take my legs and push my knees as far back towards my chest and wide open towards my arm pits. This brings my pelvis up and its easier to hit the g-spot. My husband is on top.

Are you able to make yourself squirt?

Nope and never tried. I don’t like fingering myself or using a dildo for penetration. Doesn’t feel good when I do it.

Does the ejaculate have an odour?

Smells like watered down pee!

Do you believe the ejaculate is different to urine?

I have no idea. It must come from the same pipe! It’s not strong like urine but it does smell like it!

Some guys feel like a failure if they haven’t ‘made’ a women ejaculate, have you experienced this?

Nope, actually when I have sex now with my husband I usually don’t want him to make me squirt because it leaves a big mess. I can still come without the squirting. If we’re in a hotel it’s a different story!

Describe the feeling to me, how is it different from clitoral stimulation?

It’s completely different. It’s like vaginal muscle contractions without that big euphoric wave throughout your whole body you get from a clitoral orgasm. You can come over and over and over with really short intervals. A clitoral orgasm is like a hundred times more intense. The more I orgasm vaginally the more I want … but one clitoral orgasm and I’m done! The BEST thing is to come both ways at once!

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